AEROSAT International Satellite Aerosol Science Network

AEROSAT Meeting #2

Steamboat Springs, Colorado, USA.

25-26 Sep 2014, during AeroCom #13

Meeting minutes


AeroSAT 2014 

  1. welcome 2nd AeroSAT workshop 
    by Thomas Popp (DLR) and Ralph Kahn (GSFC) 
  2. uncertainty discussion summary by A. Povey (Uni Oxford) 
  3. satellite product comparison discussion summary by T. Popp (DLR) 
  4. aerosol typing discussion summary by T. Popp (DLR) 
  5. final summary by T. Popp (DLR) 
  6. logistics 2nd AeroSAT workshop by I. McCubbin (DRI) 
  7. program of the 2nd AeroSAT workshop
  8. participants of the 2nd AeroSAT workshop 
  9. climate data record table started at the 2nd AeroSAT workshop 
  10. table of satellite product comparison publications started 

AeroSAT talks in presented order (see program)

  1. seed presentation for pixel UNCertainties (UNC) by A. Povery (Uni Oxford) 
  2. presentation for pixel UNCertainties (UNC) for CALIPSO by D. Winker (LaRC) 
  3. seed Satellite Product Comparison (SPC) by T. Popp (DLR) 
  4. Satellite Product Comparison (SPC) by GEWEX by S. Kinne (MPI-M) 
  5. seed presentation for aerosol TYPing (TYP) by T. Popp (DLR) 
  6. presentation for aerosol TYPing (TYP) by R. Kahn (GSFC) 
  7. CALIOP for aerosol TYPing (TYP) by D. Winker (GSFC) 
  8. seed presentation on aerosol data CoMParisons (CMP) by R. Kahn (GSFC) 
  9. presentation for aerosol data CoMParisons (CMP) by T. Popp (DLR) 
  10. accuracy from satellite sensors and GEOS5(CMP) by Maksym Petrenko (GSFC) 
  11. Presentation on aerosol data CoMParisons (CMP) by O. Kalashnikova (JPL) 
  12. seed presentation for Climate Data Records (CDR) by S.Pinnock (ESA)

Special thanks to local organisers Ian McCubbin and A. Gannet Hallar.
Storm Peak Laboratory, Desert Research Institute, CO, USA.