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AEROSAT Meeting #1

Max-Planck Institute for Meteorology, Hamburg, Germany

27 Sep 2013, during AeroCom #12


Agenda & Presentations


Welcome, logistics, purpose of the meeting, AEROCOM link
- Thomas Popp (DLR), Stefan Kinne (MPI-Met)

Background and Rationale for AEROSAT - Simon Pinnock (ESA)

Overview of the initial draft Terms of Reference - Thomas Popp (DLR)

Presentations on current satellite aerosol activities and future priorities for AERO-SAT activities - All Participants:
Gerrit De Leeuw (U. Helsinki & FMI)
​Philippe Goloub (LOA)

Ralph Kahn (NASA GSFC)
Stefan Kinne (MPI-Met)
Rob Levy, (NASA GSFC)
Lucia Mona (IMAA)

Rose Munro (EUMETSAT)
Daniel Rosenfeld (HUJ)
Lothar Schueller (EUMETSAT)
Omar Torres (NASA GSFC)
David Winker (NASA Langley)
Yong Xue (LondonMet)

​​​- Finalise draft ToR and endorsement by majority of participants
- Initial workplan and identify ideas and leaders for a few initial working groups
- AERO-SAT web site (presentations, ToR and meeting conclusions)
- Set date / place / host for next meeting 


Proposed AEROSAT Working Groups

During the meeting a number of working groups were proposed that aim to take advantage of the international collaboration stimulated by AEROSAT to address particular issues of common interest in satellite aerosol remote sensing.  High interest for the following working groups was identified:


1. Aerosol Climate Data Records 

2. Intercomparisons 

3. Uncertainties

4. Coordination with Models


Objectives and memberships of these working groups will be set up during Autumn 2013, and activities/results will be reported at the next AEROSAT meeting in September 2014.


Other good ideas for working groups were proposed, and may be implemented in future if there is sufficient interest:

- nomenclature

- cloud screening

- absorption

- cloud-active aerosol products

- aerosol type definitions

- aerosol layer height

- aerosol over clouds

- twilight zone / aerosol-cloud joint retrieval

- aerosol simulators to compare with models

- coordination for NRT


The list of priority working groups was brain-stormed during the meeting.  



Thomas Popp, DLR

Gerrit De Leeuw, U. Helsinki & FMI

Simon Pinnock, ESA

Stefan Kinne, MPI-Met

Ralph Kahn, NASA

Rob Levy, NASA

Omar Torres (via videoconf), NASA

Lothar Schueller, EUMETSAT

Rose Munro, EUMETSAT

Pieternel Levelt, KNMI

Daniel Rosenfeld, HUJI

Lucia Mona, IMAA

Philippe Goloub, LOA

David Winker, NASA

Xue Yong, LondonMet

David Neubauer, ETHZ

Mattia Righi, DLR

Fanny Peers, LOA

Greg Schuster, NASA

Karoline Block, U. Leipzig

Can Özge, TROPOS