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AEROSAT Meeting #5

Finnish Meteorological Institute,

Helsinki, Finland

12-13 October 2017


Held jointly with AeroCom-16 

on 9-12 Oct


Meeting Minutes

Click here for the minutes from the meeting.


Agenda and Presentations


Thursday 12 Oct 2017


Session 12: Data and Modelling (M. Chin)



Session 13: AeroSat Challenges (L. Sogacheva)


Friday 13 Oct 2017


Session 14: Working Group on Climate Data Records (G. de Leeuw)


Session 15: Working Group on Intercomparisons (R. Kahn)


Session 16: Evolving AeroSat, collaboration with other initiatives (N. Schutgens)


Session 17: Working Group on Aerosol Typing (L. Mona)


Session 18: Working Group on Per-Pixel Uncertainties (T. Popp)


Session 19:  Conclusions



  • With thanks to local organisers:  Hannele Korhonnen, Edith Rodriguez, Gerrit de Leeuw, and their FMI colleagues.