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AEROSAT International Satellite Aerosol Science Network

Working Group on Climate Data Records




To identify and progress on issues related to climate data record (CDR) development that can usefully be addressed at international level, such as:

  • Identify and promote internationally coordinated activities to strengthen the uptake of satellite aerosol CDRs by the climate research community.
  • Identify best practice for CDR development, production, quality assessment and delivery.
  • Propose standards for providing quality information in the products and metadata (e.g. common quality flags on pixel level, common standards for useful documentation) 
  • Bring the aerosol CDR community together for regular exchange of information and to coordinate activities of common interest.




  • Simon Pinnock, ESA (
  • Thomas Popp, DLR
  • Christina Hsu, NASA
  • Gerrit de Leeuw, FMI & U. Helsinki
  • Pieternel Levelt, KNMI
  • Rob Levy, NASA
  • Lothar Schueller, EUMETSAT
  • Omar Torres, NASA


The CDR-WG is open to all aerosol CDR developers and users, and we aim to expand the list of participants to ensure representation of the main on-going aerosol-CDR activities.


Activities & Schedule

WG duration: Three years.  At the end of this period the WG shall review its achievements in a final report and may recommend follow-on activities.


The initial work plan for Year 1 is: 

  • Define consensus requirements that data sets and their associated documentation should ideally meet to qualify as an aerosol CDR.  The possibility to define a common CDR data format standard shall also be investigated, to promote interoperability of aerosol CDR products.
  • Compile an inventory of satellite aerosol data sets that could qualify as aerosol CDRs, and record their status regarding the above requirements.  The inventory shall be published on the web site together with a bibliography of related peer-reviewed publications.
  • Organise a workshop to review the current status of aerosol CDR development and use.  A major outcome of the workshop shall be the identification of priorities for aerosol CDR development.
  • Explore the possibility to set up a virtual common portal for user-access to satellite aerosol CDRs.
  • Design and promote a comprehensive and consistent aerosol CDR intercomparison and validation exercise, together with the AERO-SAT WG on Intercomparisons.


Priorities for later work are open to discussion.



  • List of candidate satellite aerosol climate data records