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AEROSAT International Satellite Aerosol Science Network

Working Group on External Coordination




To coordinate active collaboration of the satellite aerosol community with other aerosol communities:


  • ​Aerosol models (AEROCOM, ICAP).
  • Aerosol measurements (AERONET, GALION, GAW).



  • Thomas Popp, DLR
  • Ralph Kahn, NASA
  • Members of AERO-SAT steering committee


AEROSAT has been founded as open and unfunded network of satellite aerosol scientists during the 10th AEROCOM workshop on 27 September 2013 - AEROSAT will have its first fully open meeting on 27/28 September 2014 in coordination with the 2014 AEROCOM workshop. It is essential to understand that satellite datasets, various ground-based measurements (+ airborne campaign data) and model output are complementary to each other. Therefore, an active collaboration among these communities needs to be fostered. AEROSAT aims to assure such an exchange beyond the multiple bilateral collaborations that are already taking place.


​To achieve this goal, the AEROSAT External Coordination working group will continuously pursue its activities and report at each annual AEROSAT meeting. Activities to be conducted include:

  • Interact directly with the steering committees / leaders of AEROCOM, ICAP, AERONET, GALION, GAW (where possible through joint members of steering committees) to identify opportunities for promoting an integrated aerosol measurement system
  • Identify and understand needs for satellite aerosol datasets from the range of aerosol communities
  • Support organizing focused sessions in relevant international conferences on aerosol science; help organize the representation of the satellite aerosol community in the most important meetings of the other aerosol communities
  • Work across the range of aerosol communities to promote open data exchange