AEROSAT International Satellite Aerosol Science Network

AEROSAT Meeting #3

ESA/ESRIN, Frascati, Italy

8-9 October 2015,

Held as part of the joint
AeroCom/AerChemMIP/AeroSat meeting

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​​Meeting minutes:  click here!

Agenda and Presentations

Introduction (T. Popp and R. Kahn)

New Examples of Satellite Retrievals

Joint AOT-Single Scattering Albedo Retrieval in Algorithm MAIAC (A. Lyapustin)

IASI Dust Algorithm Intercomparison in ESA Climate Change Initiative (L. Klüser)

Satellite Aerosol Composition Retrieval using Neural Networks (G. Curci)

Satellite-Model Interaction

Introduction (R. Kahn)

Modelling Needs (P. Stier)

Simulators (J. Quaas)

Aerosol Type from Satellite

Introduction (T.Popp)

Aerosol Typing - A Key Information (L. Mona)

Progress Toward a Global Aerosol Type Climatology (R. Kahn)

Combined Use of Satellite Data

Level-2 AOD Median from Multiple Satellite Sensor Retrievals (C. Ichoku)

New Assessment of Aerosol-Cloud Interactions with ORAC (A)ATSR (M. Christensen)

Pixel-Level Uncertainties

Introduction (G. de Leeuw)

Ensemble Techniques to Satellite Remote Sensing Uncertainty Estimation (A. Povey)

Pixel Level Uncertainty in MODIS AOD Dark Target Algorithm (F. Patadia)

Long Term Satellite-based Time Series

Introduction (S. Pinnock)

Aerosol Retrieval for MODIS, VIIRS and Beyond (R. Levy)

MPF/MVIRI Potential for Aerosol Retrieval (Y. Govaerts)

Towards and 11-Year Global Gridded AOT Reanalysis (P. Lynch)

Long Term AOD Retrieval from AVHRR Data over Land Surface (Y. Xue)


Conclusions (T. Popp and R. Kahn)