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AEROSAT Meeting #6


College Park, MD

18 – 19 October 2018


Held jointly with AeroCom-17 

on 15 - 18 October 2018​​


Meeting Minutes


Agenda and Presentations


Thursday 18 Oct 201

Session 9: Introduction

Introduction to AeroSat 2018 (Kahn/Popp)


Session 10: Data and modeling (chair: N. Schutgens; rapporteur: E. Nowottnick)

Introduction, questions (chair)

Reflections on modeling needs / integration model + satellite (P. Colarco)

AeroCom-AeroSat joint discussion  

Poster introductions (part 2)


Session 11: Challenges in remote sensing (chair: L. Remer)

Consistent Algorithm Science Across Multiple Satellite Sensors for AOD Retrieval (keynote, H. Liu) 


Session 12: working group on climate records (chair: O. Torres; rapporteur: M. Lufarelli)

Introduction, questions (chair)

Merging aerosol optical depth from multiple satellite missions (L. Sogacheva)

AOD above clouds: 12-year OMI record and others (H. Jethva)

GCOS aerosol requirements /statement of guidance (O. Kalashnikova)



Session 13: working group on pixel uncertainties (chair: A. Povey; rapporteur: L. Mei)

Introduction, questions (chair)

Characterizing retrieval uncertainties – interim status (A. Sayer)

Update on MODIS-DT and other pixel level uncertainties (F. Patadia)



Friday 19 Oct 2018

Session 14: New opportunities (chair F. Seidel)

Introduction, NASA response to Aerosol 'Designated Observable' in 2017 Earth Science Decadal Survey (F. Seidel)

NASA’s Atmospheric Tomography Mission (keynote, C. Williamsen)

Aerosol remote sensing with the upcoming NASA PACE mission (K. Knobelspiesse)


Session 15: Working group on inter-comparisons (chair: R. Levy; rapporteur: J. Limbacher)          

Introduction, questions (chair)

GEWEX-GDAP inter-comparisons (S. Kinne)

Can we improve satellite retrievals of Angström exponent over land? (A. Lipponen)



Session 16: Working group on aerosol typing (chair: G. Schuster; rapporteur: A. Lipponen)                                                             

Introduction, questions (chair)

Connecting model – satellite aerosol type (via remote connection, L. Mona)

Components derived from MAC v2 optics (S. Kinne)

Global aerosol types for assessment of direct radiative effects (N. Meskhidze)



Session 17: focus: aerosol cloud interactions (chair: B. Lefer; rapporteur: Z. Zhang)                                         

Introduction, questions (chair)

Satellite-based ACI estimates with refined CCN approximations (Y. Shinozuka)

Droplet number concentrations: GEOS-Chem/CAM vs MODIS retrievals (G. Luo)



Session 18: AeroSAT tasks

AeroSat wrap-up and outlook (T. Popp & R. Kahn)



With thanks to local organisers:  Mian Chin, Lorraine Remer, Shubbha Kondragunta and their NOAA colleagues.