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AEROSAT International Satellite Aerosol Science Network

AEROSAT Meeting #7



Barcelona, Spain

27 – 28 September 2019


Held jointly with AeroCom-18 

on 23 - 27 September 2019​​

Meeting Minutes

Click here for the minutes from the meeting.


Agenda and Presentations

Friday, September 27, 2019 


SESSION 14 AeroCom tasks / AeroSAT goals

M. Schulz: AeroCom 2019 wrap-up and outlook / link to AeroSAT

R.Kahn/T.Popp: AEROSAT 2019 introduction / AeroSAT experiments


SESSION 15 Data and modelling

Chair introduction, seed questions

Seed presentation: Matthew Christensen:  reflections on barriers to using satellite data as model constraints

Nick Schutgens: Short summary of relevant outcome for satellite community from AEROCOM/AEROSAT remote sensing experiment


SESSION 16 Satellite and suborbital data

Chair introduction, seed questions

Seed presentation:  Claudia Di Biagio / Lucia Mona: Contribution of the laboratory  experimental simulation activity within EUROCHAMP-2020/ACTRIS to the aerosol retrieval from satellite observations, Introducing ACTRIS ground and aircraft measurements


SESSION 17 Aerosol typing

Seed presentation: Lucia Mona: aerosol typing database 

Antti Lipponen: Information content analysis: Combination of satellite and groundbased observations enables more accurate aerosol SSA retrievals at low aerosol loadings


Saturday, September 28, 2019

SESSION 18 Climate Data records

Chair introduction, seed questions

Seed presentation: Adam Povey: A new perspective on satellite data

Larisa Sogacheva: Can the merged AOD L3 monthly product (1996-2017) be extended back to 1979 with TOMS AOD? (AEROSAT-induced paper / experiment)


SESSION 19 Pixel uncertainties

Chair introduction, seed questions

Seed presentation: Jeronimo Escribano, Enza Di Tomaso and Angela Benedetti: Aerosol data assimilation and uncertainties

Andy Sayer (presented by Thomas Popp): A review and framework for the evaluation of pixel-level uncertainty estimates in satellite aerosol remote sensing


SESSION 20 New remote sensing techniques

Jaehwa Lee: Aerosol plume height climatology derived from synergistic use of UVVIS sensors

Linlu Mei: A new aerosol optical thickness research product over Cryosphere

Christina Hsu: New “Deep Blue” aerosol products from LEO and GEO satellites


SESSION 21 Wrap-up and closing

Thomas Popp / Ralph Kahn: AEROSAT wrap-up and outlook



With thanks to

Local organisers: Carlos Perez, Alexis Chanthasack, Jeronimo Escribano, Sara Basart and their BSC Atmospheric Composition group colleagues

Chairs: Nick, Lorraine, Omar, Adam, Felix, Rob, Greg, Barry

Rapporteurs: Ed, Martha, Linlu, Jim, Antti, Zhibo