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AEROSAT International Satellite Aerosol Science Network

AEROSAT Meeting #9


12 - 15 October  2021

Held jointly with AeroCom-20

on 11 - 14 October  2021​​


Meeting Minutes

are available here.


Agenda and Presentations

Day2: Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Oral session O4: Dust

Moderator: Yves Balkanski


All talks of this session are integrated here

  • Robert Green: Earth surface mineral dust source investigations (to be confirmed)
  • Rob Levy: Comparing assumptions for dust optical properties in various Goddard-based retrieval algorithms
  • Jasper Kok: Contributions of the world’s main dust source regions to the global cycle of desert dust
  • Pete Colarco: A Review of the Treatment of Dust Optical Properties in Earth System Modeling



Short oral session SO2: Sub-orbital / error analysis

Moderator: Duncan Watson-Paris


All talks of this session are integrated here

  • Richard Ferrare: Airborne High Spectral Resolution Lidar-2 Measurements of Aerosol Distributions and Properties during the NASA CAMSO2Ex Mission
  • Thomas Eck: Measurements of biomass burning aerosol optical and physical properties from the extreme forest fires in California/Oregon in September 2020: aged versus fresh smoke
  • Betsy Andrews: Systematic relationships between f(RH) and other aerosol optical properties
  • Lauren Schmeisser: Updates on the AeroCom INSITU Project: Using In-situ Surface Measurements of Aerosol Optical Properties to Evaluate Model Simulations
  • Milagros Herrera: Rigorous dynamic error estimates provided by GRASP algorithm in diverse remote sensing applications: concept and validation


Day3: Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Oral session O5: Aerosol-cloud interaction

Moderator: Michael Schulz


All talks of this session are integrated here

  • Edward Gryspeerdt: Sampling strategies for cloud droplet number concentration in satellite data
  • Leighton Regayre: Constraining aerosol forcing uncertainty using satellite data
  • Armin Sorooshian: ACTIVATE: Strategy and First Results
  • Julia Khlestova: Cloud condensation nuclei reduction impact over Moscow during spring 2020 lockdown on the cloud characteristics (simulations and measurements)
  • Hailing Jia: Significant underestimation of radiative forcing by aerosol–cloud interactions derived from satellite-based methods

Discussion (evidence by region and season of secondary effects of lifetime and precipitation)


Oral session O6: Processes

Moderator: Mian Chin


All talks of this session are integrated here

  • Huisheng Bian: Obs. constrained analysis of sulfur species in the marine troposphere
  • Meagan DeLessio: Modeling atmospheric brown carbon in the GISS ModelE Earth system model
  • David Neubauer: Climate impacts of aviation aerosol emissions
  • Omar Torres: Satellite-based evidence of secondary aerosol formation in the stratosphere following pyroCb events
  • Pengfei Yu: Persistent stratospheric warming due to 2019-20 Australian wildfire smoke
  • Kai Zhang: The representation of natural aerosols and its impact on eff. aerosol forcing

Discussion (observational evidence/relationships to constrain processes in modeling)


Day4: Thursday, October 14, 2021

Short oral session SO3: Constraining aerosol properties and types

Moderator: Hongbin Yu


All talks of this session are integrated here

  • Juan Cuesta: Type-discriminated aerosol concentration profile derived from the ACCP spaceborne lidar multispectral measurements
  • Marcos Herreras: Enhanced Aerosol Component Retrieval Using Visible and Thermal Infrared Spectrum
  • Dongchul Kim: Multi-model comparison of dust optical depth at 10 μm over the Northern Atlantic
  • Thomas Popp: Uncertainty-weighted ensemble products for (Dust) AOD
  • Santiago Gasso: An overview of modern dust activity in South America based on satellite observations
  • Kine Moseid: Lifetime of BC affected by intermodel differences in particle ageing



Oral session O7: Constraining aerosol properties and types

Moderator: Thomas Popp

Rapporteur: Linlu Mei

All talks of this session are integrated here

  • Yves Balkanski: AeroCom-AeroSat Commission on Constraining Aerosol Properties
  • Greg Schuster: Tables of Aerosol Optics (TAO)
  • Ralph Kahn: Systematic sub-orbital aircraft measurements (SAM-CAAM)

Discussions (priorities, additional needs)

  • Nick Schutgens: Model evaluation with satellite data of AAOD and SSA
  • Andrew Sayer: All-sky vs. clear-sky AOD and the problem of partial cloudiness when comparing model and satellite aerosol fields
  • Athanasios Tsikerdekis: Aerosol data assimilation as a tool to detect model errors

Discussions (integration of model and data, best practices)


Oral session O8: Trends

Moderator: Andy Sayer


All talks of this session are integrated here

  • Johannes Quaas: Aerosol trends since 2000 and aerosol ERF
  • Tero Mielonen: Compare aerosol type time series in a climate model and a satellite retrieval

Discussion (trends, Covid, natural events)


Short oral session SO4: Assimilation and modelling

Moderator: Pete Colarco


All talks of this session are integrated here

  • Julien Chimot: The new Copernicus Sentinel-3 NRT Aerosol - towards homogenized quality over Land
  • Angela Benedetti: Assimilation of MODIS reflectance in the ECMWF/CAMS 4D-Var
  • Antti Lipponen: Deep Learning Based Post-Process Correction of the Aerosol Parameters in the High-Resolution Sentinel-3 Level-2 Synergy Product
  • Tuuli Miinalainen: Correcting ECHAM-HAMMOZ derived PM2.5 conc. with statistical downscaling
  • Qirui Zhong: Models underestimate emitted particle sizes + misrepresent wet deposition for biomass burning
  • Asutosh Acharya: The regional northern hemispheric carbonaceous aerosols and the global monsoon
  • Johannes Quaas: AtmoDat model data standard


Day5: Friday, October 15, 2021

Oral session O9: AEROSAT / GEO

Moderator: Larisa Sogacheva

Rapporteur: Adam Povey

All talks of this session are integrated here

  • Robbins: Improving Differentiation of Cloud and Extreme Smoke Plumes in Himawari-8 Scenes
  • Reed Espinosa: A synergistic multipixel retrieval of aerosol properties from geostat. satellite obs.
  • Linlu Mei: Above cloud aerosol properties retrieved from the XBAER algorithm
  • Dave Winker: Upcoming CALIOP Data Product Release

Discussion (added info from active, geo and passive combined sensors)


Short oral session SO5: New retrievals

Moderator: Greg Schuster


All talks of this session are integrated here

  • Rob Levy: Update on the GEO-LEO 'Dark Target' aerosol project
  • Povey: Updating quality control in the Optimal Retrieval of Aerosol and Cloud (ORAC)
  • Soheila Jafariserajehlou: Release of the new Polar Multi-sensor Aerosol product (PMAp) version 2.2
  • Marta Luffarelli: Combined Aerosol and Cloud optical thickness from SLSTR observations
  • Kanishka Narayan: Evaluation of SO2 emissions from the OMI point source catalog
  • Pavel Litvinov: Surface and aerosol characterization from S5P/TROPOMI using GRASP algorithm: new possibilities, validation and expected performance
  • Oleg Dubovik: Sentinel-3A/OLCI aerosol and surface retrieval based on the GRASP algorithm:
    product development and preliminary evaluation


Oral session O10: AEROSAT / AQ

Moderator: Ralph Kahn


All talks of this session are integrated here

  • Randall Martin: Overview/ status of satellite based AQ
  • Sebastien Garrigues: Assimilation of multiple satellite aerosol optical depth (AOD) near real time (NRT) products in the Copernicus Atmospheric Monitoring Service (CAMS) data assimilation system

Discussion (Air Quality is the hot top for aerosol in the future, as radiative forcing has maxed)


Meeting conclusions



With thanks to chairs and rapporteurs.